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Photography is all about light, and this is especially true of infrared photography. Infrared photography focuses on a section of the light spectrum that the human eye cannot normally access because people can only see wavelengths between about 390 to 550 nanometers (nm).

The infrared portion of the light spectrum begins at approximately 700 nm. In order to create photographs in this part of the spectrum, we use medium format black-and-white infrared film and infrared passing filters. The opaque filters appear to be black or dark red. They allow infrared light to pass through to the camera but block virtually all of the visible light. Our specific technique blocks all light below approximately 870 nm.

The resulting images have a distinctive surreal quality that is created when foliage strongly reflects infrared light. Many infrared photographs will also feature intense black skies that provide a stunning backdrop for dramatic cloud formations.

After processing our film, we scan our images and print them digitally onto a natural or soft white, high-quality, cold pressed fiber (rag) paper. This particular process allows for the maximum possible tonal range.

We take pride in the fact that our process incorporates the use of traditional equipment and techniques while also utilizing cutting edge materials and technologies. This allows us to honor the past and the wisdom of the photographers who came before us even as we strive to advance our medium and create an unparalleled collection of infrared photographs.



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