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Stay with us! Over the next two months we will be adding additional pages celebrating specific themes that we are repeatedly drawn to photograph. 


Messenger Clouds


March 22

Russell studied meteorology and climatology in college; and he LOVES weather. Although I wouldn't describe us as storm chasers - we do have some VERY dramatic weather shots. Check back March 22 to explore this special collection!


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Fallingwater by Frank Lloyd Wright


April 5

Growing up in Wisconsin, the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright and visits to his brillianat creations were a memorable part of Angela's childhood. On April 5 we will introduce our Architecture section to showcase the designs that have shaped America's landscape.


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Harwood's Buffalo


April 19

As we travel, some of our favorite memories come from our efforts to photograph animals. Capturing a moment that truly reveals their character is extremely rewarding - and the effort to be in the right place at the right time is ALWAYS an adventure! Join us April 19 to see this special collection & read some of our best stories!


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Lehi's Dream


May 3

Landscapes full lush greenery translate especially well into infrared.  Ordinary scenes become ethereal and other worldly. On May 3 we will launch a page showcasing our most beloved landscapes!


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Reflections of Chicago


May 17

There's hometown pride and there are the places that steal our hearts forever. We will be adding a set of pages devoted to honoring specific cities that have inspired us - and of course, we're ALWAYS adding new cities!


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