With the Best Light Collection, we explore the intersection of art and science. By isolating and working with different parts of the light spectrum, each image brings the seen and the unseen together and enables us to create emotionally evocative images. 


In the above images, all three photos are of the same tree. The luscious pink version on the left is a full spectrum picture that draws in ultraviolet, visible and infrared light. It resembles the aerochrome process developed in the 1940s and popularlized in the 1960s. The middle version of the tree probably looks the most familiar. The capture was made using the visible portion of the light spectrum and is standard color photography. The third image isolates the infrared section of the light spectrum. Although the capture is actually black and white, the Best Light Collection draws inspiration from the sepia photographs of the mid-to-late 1800s and warms up the tones in this series to a toasty golden brown.




Way back in 2010, on one of their first dates, they took a couple rolls of infrared film and drove from Tallahassee down to the coastal fishing town of Apalachicola. One thing led to another and soon they married, quit their jobs, and devoted themselves full time to creating the Best Light Collection. As they criss crossed the country participating in art shows, they worked to capture images of the places they explored that were intriguing and story-rich. Along the way, they did deep dives into the sites and subjects of their photography. Their studies included art, history, literature, music, architecture, meteorology - and even their own family histories. This led to the development of narratives that accompany each image describing the inspiration for the piece and some of what they've learned about about the subject matter.


Since 2020, a lot has changed everywhere. At Best Light Collection, it became clear that Russell was ready to step back from the physically rigorous world of art shows. After many conversations, Angela felt that she still wanted to continue to create and be part of the unique community of festival artists - and she definitely didn't want to go back to working for anyone else! They still function as a team, but duties have changed some. While Russell continues to frame the artwork, manage application deadlines and (mercifully) pay all the taxes, Angela continues to present the artwork at shows around the country and create new images that keep the Best Light Collection growing!



Russell & Angela