All of our shows for 2020 have been canceled as a result of the Coronovirus. While we will miss visiting our favorite places and festivals, we understand the importance of doing our part to help minimize the impact of this virus on the health and well-being of others. 


These are days that defy description. It hurts to see so much suffering: and it is impossible not to be overwhelmed by the global chaos that is unprecedented in our lifetime. 


Russell & I are not medical experts able to fight the virus on the frontlines. We have no brilliant solutions to the economic and social turmoil churning through our country. However, through our travels we have met incredible people from all around the world. We have stood on historic sites and been fortunate enough to contemplate history and humanity in some very unique ways. 


We've tried to capture these moments and share them through our collection; and seeing people embrace our work has made every mile we've traveled and every scorching hot, freezing cold, wind-battered and rain drenched art festival worth it. 

While we wish we could do more, it seems that maybe the only thing we can do is what we've always done. We embarked on this unusaul lifestyle because we believe in the power of art. So we will continue to create and share our work in the hope that it will continue to speak to our collectors and followers. We know that art can bring joy and comfort - and more. Art can inspire new ideas and tremendous conversations. Art has always played an essential role in the human struggled to make sense of our lives and our world. And truly, if there has ever been a time when we've needed the space that art creates for reflection and reassurance - it is this moment in time. 


Consider this image of the Angel Oak in Charleston, South Carolina. It is often held up as a symbol of survival. For more than 500 years - through  earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts and plenty of human interference - it has endured. And we will, too. We will reach deep within ourselves for strength, we will shelter and support those around us who are in need, and we will trust in others to do the same for us. This is how the Angel Oak has survived. And this is how all of us will move forward through the days ahead. Like the Angel Oak, we will be shaped by these hardships, but we will not be diminished. 


Best Light Collection

Russell Grace & Angela Kullmann  ~

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